Shingle Oaks Polled Herefords was established in Mid 1970’s by Melvin, Jackie & their son Eric Allscheid. Eric started out like most other kids – 4-H Steer project/bred heifer.  Eric graduated from SIU-Carbondale in 1992 with Bachelors degree in Animal Science.  Eric married Cindie (Meier) in 1998; they have twin daughters that were born in 2001 – Cassie & Krista.  Cindie and the girls are very supportive and interested in the cattle.
We run 20-25 cows.  The focus is producing genetically & phenotypically superior cows.  We believe that the backbone of any breeding program is the cow herd.  Decades of breeding the most proven A.I. Sires in the industry to the best females we can get our hands on.
A.I. Started in the early 1980’s.  Shingle Oaks is a 100% A.I. operation (no back up plan (bull)) which with strict culling has resulted in an extremely fertile herd.  Embryo Transfer started in early 1990’s.  The first sets of eggs were purchased, then we started flushing our own cows in 2001.  We typically flush 3-4 cows.  Before a cow enters into our E.T. program she must have proven that she is worthy of mass propagation.  
The cows are raised on fescue based pastures and hay.  They must be able to grow, breed, calve, milk & raise a great calf in these conditions.  An extreme amount of emphasis is placed on heavy milking, great uddered cows with great genetics and with heavy culling, our cattle can perform in almost any environment they are placed in.
All cattle are wormed each spring and each fall.  Calves are vaccinated a total of three times before first breeding.  Then once a year after that with the remainder of the cow herd.  All cattle have free choice salt & Vitafirm minerals at all times.
We sell 100% of our steers, as cut & wrapped sides & quarters.  This is what the whole cattle business is really about anyway – the final product – QUALITY MEAT.  We have first hand feedback from our butcher and our customers as to the quality of the meat we produce and this keeps us on the right track!  We know of no better way than this to evaluate how our genetics and practices are producing.  
After a lot of years, miles & money, we have assembled a very good herd of cattle.
Herefords have been the only, and will always be the only breed of cattle that Shingle Oaks will raise – period!
“Quality bred over generations, can’t be duplicated overnight.”